Enid Bermejo, CMT
Massage Therapy


**"Enid is a very professional masseuse. My mother recently passed away, and a friend gave me this massage as a gift. My muscles, especially my back, was very sore and tense. When I went for my massage Enid greeted me, made me feel welcome, and asked me what I needed. Throughout the massage she would check in with me to make sure she was applying the right pressure. She relieved my tension and gave me suggestions after to take care of my muscle tension. This massage was amazing & relaxing!" - Michele Mullaly Mar 9, 2020

**"Enid was so in tuned with her practice and my physical blocks and operated in that space where I did not need to communicate exactly where I needed work on... she felt it and knew exactly what to do! What a blessing to feel some sort of telepathy during a massage and not have to speak and simply enjoy." - F.C. Feb 29, 2020

**"Real deep tissue therapeutic work seems hard to find - I looked for years and finally found Enid ... I followed her thru location changes because she is simply one of the best." - Dedicated client Feb 24, 2020

**"I know Enid for a while and I love my massages. She is professional and caring. She knows what she is doing." - Priska Schuerpf Feb 17, 2020

**"After having tried many masseuses over the years, Enid is truly the best. She is kind, professional and knows exactly what spots need more attention. If you're looking for a therapeutic massage I cannot recommend her enough."- Caroline C Feb 11, 2020

**"Enid is amazing, highly detailed, extremely knowledgeable and simply the best therapist I have had in Los Angeles. With all the aches and pains of getting older and various back and feet issues I've accumulated, Enid provides vital relief that helps me feel energized and renewed. Thanks, Enid!" - Megan Z Feb 9, 2020

**"Enid is by far the best massage therapist I have ever had. She is very professional, personable and customer focused. She always asks what areas are sore/stiff etc. so she can focus her efforts accordingly. After my therapeutic massage, I always feel revived and invigorated. I feel so lucky to have found her and I highly recommend her." - Chantal A Feb 3, 2020

**"Enid is always so professional, on time, in the moment, attentive to details, and always adjusts to my needs. I received a therapeutic one-hour massage and it was wonderful. She hit all my spots that needed the most work without me saying anything. Her hands and fingers are magic. Her room is always clean with a relaxing atmosphere. Enid does not rush me when I arrive and responses to any adjustments that I give in relation to the amount of pressure that I need. I highly recommend her!" - Josie Saik Feb 1, 2020

**"It’s hard to find a truly therapeutic massage... Enid is one of the few I’d recommend for those who really seeking out wellness and repair...Always professional and one of the best" - T.H. Jan 20, 2020

**"Enid is very good at listening to the needs of her clients. She is also a great communicator. She is compassionate and skilled in the art of massage therapy. I am fortunate to have found her." - JaNelle B Jan 12, 2020

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** These reviews were received via an older online scheduling system I no longer use.